In February 2020 my family and I moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Once It is again safe I will be travelling frequently to Dublin to see people. Due to Covid-19 dates for the rest of 2020 are likely to change as the virus continues to affect us all.

Zoom online sessions

Until travel is possible I will be using Zoom to give sessions to adults and to children with a parent or caregiver. Sessions are by appointment and will be structured in a very specific way.

Zoom sessions with children

I will work with one parent or caregiver and the child for a group of 4 sessions over one week (this can be repeated at intervals). The sessions are 40 minutes and will provide ways of practically implementing Anat Baniel’s 9 essentials in daily life. More information about online sessions

Zoom sessions for adults

For adults the zoom sessions will be 60 to 70 minutes in length. These are verbally guided movement sequences and, as with the hands-on sessions, will be specific to your needs or interests.


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