About me


I am enthusiastic about the work I do with adults and children with special needs. There is fascinating, open-ended potential in this method to improve the quality of many aspects of our life. My work continues to develop in part due to the engagement with the adults and children who come to me and also because of the interesting and skilled teachers I have studied under.

For over 15 years I ran a busy practice in Dublin and in early 2020 my family and I moved to Zürich, Switzerland. I continue to work in Dublin often as well as Zürich and Denmark.

I qualified from a 4 year Feldenkrais training in Switzerland in 2004. I have also completed a training in the Anat Baniel Method for children with special needs.


Ich bin diplomierter Feldenkrais-Lehrer und zusätzlich ausgebildet in der ‘Anat Baniel Methode’ für Kinder mit Beeinträchtigungen.

Seit 2004 arbeite ich mit Erwachsenen und Kindern und habe eine erfolgreiche Praxis in Dublin, Irland aufgebaut. Im 2020 zogen meine Familie und ich nach Zürich, um einen Praxis in der Nähe meiner Mentorin, Nancy Aberle, aufzubauen.

Ich arbeite weiterhin mit Erwachsenen und Kindern in Irland und Dänemark als auch in der Schweiz.

Qualifications / Qualifikationen

Feldenkrais Method practitioner (2000-2004. Basel, Switzerland)

Embodied Life practitioner (2008-2010. Morschach, Switzerland)

Anat Baniel Practitioner for children with special needs.(2011-2013 San Rafael, California.)

Anat Baniel / Neuro-movement Through Your hands, 2020 (working online with special needs families and caregivers)

Further training specialising on children with special needs with Nancy Aberle and Lynn Bullock (Sweden and Switzerland, 2014 – ongoing)

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