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Alexandra came on brilliant after the lessons – she felt really comfortable on her stomach then in january crawled and started walking 4 weeks later !!! She runs and can walk backwards when she wants now. I just wanted to say thankyou for your help. Alex really responded well to you and the gentle exercises you did with her and I have no doubt in my mind this brought her to walking as soon as she did . Thanks again and I will recommend where possible again .
Pamela, Alex and Ian

I find Feldenkrais a very powerful yet subtle movement practise. It has helped increase my awareness of how I stand, sit, move and do everyday tasks so I feel more connected and easier in how I move. I also find it helpful in dealing with holding patterns, tension and stress. It never fails to amaze me how lying down and doing a few simple movements can plug me in to a more relaxed, grounded and happier state. I have found the one-to-one Functional Integration sessions with Mark particularly useful in helping me release tension and re-learning new ways to move. MG, Dublin 6

There was an ad on RTE radio a long number of years ago and the catchphrase was “it’s a quare name but great stuff!!”. I feel a version of the phrase could apply to Feldenkrais! In October 2006, I asked my Osteopath if there was any class or exercise he would recommend me to do in relation to chronic back issues that I had at the time and he suggested Feldenkrais. I got a leaflet in my door the very next day about a 2 day course in a local venue with Mark on the very next weekend so I felt I couldn’t ignore such synchronicity… by the end of the 2 days I already felt that the tightness in my back had eased considerably. Since then, I attend regular Feldenkrais classes and have much more flexibility in my muscles and joints now and my back is great. I can honestly say that it works extremely well for me as a discipline so I would therefore recommend anyone reading this to give it a try… Marian, Dublin 4

“Marks work has been a blessing for my body, mind, spirit and emotions. His gentle, down to earth and non-judgmental contact has supported me, not only in the healing and awareness of my body but also in the opening of my heart. My journey with FI and Mark has been pure magic” L. H., IACP, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

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